Sorry Russell Brand, but being a voter is actually beautiful, and eHarmonyhas the proof.

Imagine politics and you will really envisage a bedroom stuffed with slick-haired outdated Etonians arguing within the most recent financial guidelines in Europe, not exactly the absolute most enchanting of options, appropriate? However, a new study of eHarmony information shows that a passion for politics can make you more desirable on opposite sex.

Our figures shared that singles whom express an interest in democracy on their pages get even more communications from fits than those that simply don’t.

When it comes to what women want, politics ranking seventh when you look at the selection of appealing interests, in front of animals and picture taking, and it is as high as sixth for men.

Using the then UK basic election coming, what much better time and energy to analyze your own Nick from the Nigel? Comedian and ‘revolutionary lethario’ Russell Brand might encouraging individuals not to choose, but if you’re keen to exercise your democratic right subsequently do not forget to register to choose by 20th April 2015. Not only are you able to get say about how the nation is operated, however you may bring in the best match along the way!

eHarmony’s data boffins worked out the “attractiveness” by computing exactly how many communication requests people got if they listed various hobbies or interests compared to the average.

When you fill in that ballot paper on the seventh of will, you won’t just be having your state as time goes on of the country, additionally creating yourself more appealing towards opposite gender! Winning at all times.